Tortilla Wraps

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Tortilla Wraps

Code Product Bread
402 PIRI PIRI PULLED CHICKEN crunchy coleslaw & tomato in a bar marked wrap  *NEW* Wrap
403 CHICKEN AND BACON CLUB with sweet chilli mayo in a bar marked wrap  *NEW* Wrap
416 SOUTHERN STYLE CHICKEN crunchy coleslaw, tomato salsa, Cheddar and iceberg lettuce in a bar marked wrap Wrap
417 CORONATION CHICKEN chicken in light curried mayo, roasted peppers & mixed leaves in a bar marked wrap Wrap
418 CHICKEN CAESAR AND SUNDRIED TOMATO with slow roasted tomato & crunchy Cos lettuce in a bar marked wrap Wrap
404 BARBECUE PULLED PORK with crunchy coleslaw, Cheddar cheese & baby spinach in a white wrap  *NEW* Wrap
405 MOZZARELLA AND SLOW ROAST TOMATO with green pesto & baby spinach in a soft wholemeal wrap  *NEW* Wrap
415 FALAFEL AND SPICY HOUMOUS with harissa, yogurt & mint dressing, carrot and mixed leaves in a tomato wrap Wrap
423 MEXICAN CHEESY BEANS with crunchy Cos lettuce in a tomato wrap Wrap
400 TUNA NICOISE with Greek feta cheese, Kalamata olives & mixed leaves in a wholemeal wrap  *NEW* Wrap
401 CRAYFISH AND MARIE ROSE SAUCE with fresh wild rocket in a white wrap (Not containing dairy ingredients)                                 *NEW* Wrap
420 HOT SMOKED SALMON with lemon mayonnaise & fresh wild rocket in a white wrap (Not containing dairy ingredients)  *NEW* Wrap

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