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Poultry Sandwiches

Code Product Bread
111 CHICKEN MAYONNAISE chicken breast & seasoned mayo White
112 CHICKEN MAYO AND SWEETCORN chicken breast, sweetcorn & seasoned mayo Wholemeal
281 CHICKEN CAESAR AND COS LETTUCE chicken breast, sundried tomato & creamy Caesar style mayo Malted
360 BASIL CHICKEN chicken breast, green pesto with puree & slow roasted tomato in Tomato Olive Bread *NEW* Tomato Olive
362 CHICKEN AVOCADO chicken breast, avocado & baby spinach *NEW* Malted
387 CORONATION CHICKEN chicken breast, coronation sauce, peppers & fresh leaves White
389 CHICKEN AND SALAD chicken breast, tomato, cucumber, lettuce & seasoned lemon mayo (Not containing dairy ingredients) Malted

Meat Sandwiches

Code Product Bread
110B GAMMON HAM slices of gammon ham Wholemeal
110W GAMMON HAM slices of gammon ham White
113 EGG AND BACON free range egg mayo & crispy bacon White
270 ROAST BEEF AND MUSTARD roast beef, mixed salad leaves & English mustard mayo Wholemeal
284 CHICKEN AND CRISPY BACON chicken breast, crispy bacon & seasoned mayo (Not containing dairy ingredients) Malted
297 GAMMON HAM AND COLESLAW shaved gammon ham, cabbage, carrots, onion, mustard & mayo White
298 GAMMON HAM AND ENGLISH MUSTARD MAYO gammon ham with English mustard mayo Oatmeal
299 FREE RANGE EGG MAYO AND CRISPY BACON free range egg mayo with crispy bacon (Not containing dairy ingredients) Malted
361 HAM HOCK AND PEA CRUSH ham hock, pea & edamame mix with leaves in soft grain bread *NEW*   Soft Grain
371 NEW YORK DELI shaved peppered pastrami, Emmental, gherkin, & wholegrain mustard mayo *NEW* Oatmeal
388 CHICKEN AND BACON CLUB chicken breast, crispy bacon, tomato, fresh leaves & wholegrain mustard White
395 WEST COUNTRY CHEDDAR, GAMMON HAM AND PICKLE Cheddar, gammon ham, mixed leaves, pickle & mayo Malted
396 BACON, LETTUCE AND TOMATO crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo (Not containing dairy ingredients) Malted
397 ALL DAY ENGLISH BREAKFAST free range egg mayo, bacon, Lincolnshire sausage & tomato ketchup Malted
398 GAMMON HAM SALAD gammon ham, tomato, cucumber, mixed leaves & wholegrain mustard White

Vegan and Vegetarian Sandwiches

Code Product Bread
114B CHEDDAR CHEESE slices of Cheddar cheese Wholemeal
114W CHEDDAR CHEESE slices of Cheddar cheese White
115B EGG MAYONNAISE free range egg mayo Wholemeal
115W EGG MAYONNAISE free range egg mayo White
260 VEGAN PLOUGHMAN’S vegan cheese, sweet pickle, tomato, fresh leaves & vegan mayo *NEW*   Soft Grain
291 FREE RANGE EGG MAYO AND CRESS free range egg mayo with cress Oatmeal
292 HARISSA HOUMOUS, FETA AND ROASTED PEPPERS houmous & harissa with feta, roasted peppers & spinach Oatmeal
293 CHEESE AND RED ONION grated English Cheddar & red onion mixed with creamy mayo Oatmeal
294 CHEDDAR AND PICKLE grated English Cheddar, sweet pickle & mayo White
363 VEGAN CLUB roasted vegetables, chipotle chilli paste, red peppers & rocket in Tomato Olive Bread *NEW*   Tomato Olive
364 VEGGIE NEW YORK DELI mature cheddar cheese, cabbage & carrot mix with mustard mayo *NEW*   Dark Rye
391 BRIE AND ROQUITTO CHILLI JAM with rocket leaves & mayo *NEW* Farmer’s
392 WEST COUNTRY CHEDDAR PLOUGHMAN’S mature Cheddar, tomato, pickle, fresh leaves & mayo Malted
Vegans1 HOUMOUS & ROASTED PEPPERS houmous and roasted peppers (Not containing animal origin ingredients) Wholemeal

Fish Sandwiches

Code Product Bread
116 TUNA MAYONNAISE skipjack tuna flakes & mayo White
117 TUNAAND SWEETCORN skipjack tuna flakes, sweetcorn & mayo White
261 TUNA CRUNCH tuna chunks, red onion, horseradish sauce & red peppers   Malted
280 PRAWN COCKTAIL prawns with creamy cocktail sauce & baby gem lettuce Malted
286 SCOTTISH SMOKED SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE Scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese & lemon juice Oatmeal
287 PRAWN MAYONNAISE prawns with creamy lemon mayo Oatmeal
289 TUNA AND CUCUMBER skipjack tuna flakes, cucumber & mayo Oatmeal
365 HOT SMOKED SALMON smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill mix, rocket & cucumber Malted
390 TUNA SALAD skipjack tuna flakes, tomato, cucumber & fresh salad leaves (Not containing dairy ingredients) Malted

Gluten Free Sandwiches

Code Product Bread
801 CHICKEN BACON CLUB chicken breast, bacon & leaves in Multi seed Farmhouse GF bread *NEW* GF Multi Seed
802 FREE RANGE DOUBLE EGG MAYO & ROCKET free range egg mayo with rocket in Multi seed Farmhouse GF bread *NEW* GF Multi Seed
803 TUNA SALAD tuna chunks, tomato, cucumber & baby spinach in Multi seed Farmhouse GF bread *NEW* GF Multi Seed


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