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Code Product Bread
891 EGG, SLOW ROASTED TOMATO & CRESS free range egg mayo, slow roasted tomato and salad cress  Malted
892 WEST COUNTRY CHEDDAR & ALE CHUTNEY West Country Cheddar cheese and real ale chutney  Malted
893 HAM & WEST COUNTRY CHEDDAR gammon ham and West Country Cheddar cheese  Malted
894 TUNA & CUCUMBER skipjack tuna flakes, creamy mayo and crunchy cucumber  Malted
895 B.L.T. crispy bacon, vine tomato, lettuce and seasoned mayo (Not containing dairy ingredients)  Malted
896 CHICKEN SALAD chicken breast, crunchy cucumber, vine tomato, lettuce and seasoned mayo (Not containing dairy ingredients)  Malted
897 PIRI PIRI CHICKEN SALAD chicken breast, piri piri style mayo, crunchy cucumber and mixed leaves  Malted
898 HOT SMOKED SALMON & CREAM CHEESE WITH DILL hot smoked salmon, soft cream cheese with dill, crunchy cucumber and wild rocket  Malted
899 MOZZARELLA, SLOW ROASTED TOMATO & PESTO mozzarella, slow roasted tomato, green basil pesto mayo, vine tomato and baby spinach  Malted

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